Radiation Transfer Laboratory

Optical technology for life science

Our laboratory has been dealing with the propagation problems of various radiations (optical electromagnetic wave) with wide ranges of wavelengths from visible lights to infrared ray radiation. We aim to assess the energy transported as radiation and control the propagation (e.g. the color of objects) of radiation that behaves like waves. In recent years, we have especially been working on developing cosmetic products, identifying light propagation within the skin as well as examining the impact of cosmetic product particles on light propagation.
Mechanical Engineering
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Academic Society
Japan Society of Thermophysical Properties
The Heat Transfer Society of Japan
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
Cosmetic products, Measurement technology, Artificial rice-making

Study Fields

Mechanical engineering, Medical technology, Environmental engineering, Energy engineering, Biomedical engineering

For Society

After the results have been derived in our laboratory, they are directly applied to cosmetic products, some of which are already on the market. The research conducted in our laboratory pertains to the development of a new-type solar cell, which is expected to be used for practical purposes in the near future. In addition, it is also concerned with the evaluation of building skins that provide comfortable living environments. 

Research Themes