Engineering and Design

Manufacturing Systems and Product Design Course

Product design from the basics and through to advanced application

Learn up to date production technologies along with the methodologies and process for product design. Study product design technologies involving universal design, sustainable design, and emotional design. Delve into manufacturing techniques including CAD/CAM, material engineering, forming processes, and management.

Robotics and Information Design Course

Technicians to develop the products to aid society

Study information design, software design, and mechatronics design. Learn graphics, usability and other features of production technology. Gain an understanding of programming and software design. Study of robotics design provides you with opportunities to learn about mechatronics, motion control, and similar fields.

Laboratories (Manufacturing Systems and Product Design Course)

Lab. Head of Lab. Keyword
Design History and Culture Laboratory Kazutoshi Masunari Detail Product design, Product development, Way of thinking, Interface design, Kansei value creation, Service design, Information society, Molding, Man-machine interface
Near Net Shape Manufacuturing (anzai) Lab Masahiro Anzai Detail Mechanical machining, Material engineering, Additive manufacturing, Die and Mold technology
Emotional Design Laboratory Noriko Hashida Detail Kansei engineering, Molding, Product design, Universal design
Product Planning Laboratory Shigeru Furuya Detail Service design, Kansei value creation, Product design, Consumer behavior, Kansei engineering, Product development, Data analysis, Statistics, Data mining
Functional Capabilities and Design Laboratory Shoichiro Yoshihara Detail Micro processing, Surface treatment, Biomaterial, Plastic working, Coating, Biomaterial
Die and Mold Design engineering Laboratory Takekazu Sawa Detail Die and Mold, Precision machining and grinding
Product Planning Laboratory Toshiaki Kume Detail IoT (Internet Of Things) , Security and safety, Interface design, Ecology, Sightseeing, Communication design, Service design, Product design, Universal design
Design Promotion Laboratory Yusuke Ashizawa Detail Project design, Business scheme, Human centered design, Service design, System development, Kansei value creation, Regional industry, Development of teaching materials, Business formation

Laboratories (Robotics and Information Design Course)

Lab. Head of Lab. Keyword
Motion Control Laboratory Akira Shimada Detail Robot, Mechatronics, Motion control, Control system, Modeling, Model-based design development, Flight robot, Biomechanics
Computing Design Laboratory Kenichi Yamazaki Detail Programming Language, Ubiquitous Computing, Mobile Computing, Networking
Color and Communication Design Laboratory Kyoko Hidaka Detail Color theory, Communication design, Standardization, Lighting design, Information society, Multicultural symbiosis, Design history, Cultural anthropology
Software Design Laboratory Natsuko Noda Detail Software, Modeling, Embedded system
User Experience Design Laboratory Ryoji Yoshitake Detail Ergonomics, Human interaction, UCD (User Centered Design), Amenity, Kansei engineering, Visual information processing, Consumer behavior, Interface design, Human-centered design
Human Support Intelligent Robotics Laboratory Sota Shimizu Detail Robot, Artificial intelligence, Visual information processing, Sensor, Mobile robot, Livelihood support, Declining birthrate, Aged society, Image processing
Robotics System Design Laboratory Takeshi Sasaki Detail Intelligent Space, system integration, RT-Middleware
Kansei Interaction Design Laboratory Wonseok Yang Detail Interface design, Kansei engineering, Human interaction, User interface, Human-centered design, Multimedia, Product design, Kansei value creation, IoT (Internet Of Things)

Laboratories (Common)

Lab. Head of Lab. Keyword

Kyoko Kato Detail Business Administration, Organizational behavior theory, Human resource management theory
Mathematical Design Laboratory Hiroshi Yamazawa Detail Differential equation theory, Sum method, Partial differential equations in the complex domain

Hisaka Konishi Detail English education

Miru Rokkaku Detail Architectural design, Environmental design

Ryuichi Hayashi Detail Technology management, Material development, Innovation, Polymer material
Furniture and Interior Design Laboratory Ryuji Arai Detail Design history, Product design, Interior, Interior history, Furniture history, Architectural history, Graphic, Cultural property, Design museum
Geometric Design Laboratory Sampei Hirose Detail Computer graphics, Geometry processing, Discrete differential geometry, Simulation, Numerical analysis
Angro-American Philosophy Laboratory Shin Sakuragi Detail Product design, Philosophy, Ethics

Taro Yokoyama Detail Architectural structure design