Shibaura Institute of Technology Junior and Senior High School

Junior and Senior High School

Message from Principal

pri.SHIBATA_Principal  SHIBATA Kunio

Our school nurtures the next generation talents with a global perspective who will play an engaged workforce in the fields of science and engineering through integrated secondary and university education. Our mission is to develop each student's ability to think and act independently, and to nurture global science and engineering professionals who can contribute to a rapidly changing world through the promotion of science, engineering, and STEAM education.
To realize an "exciting school," the learning environment should always be stimulating. We will create an environment that inspires creativity and curiosity, and where students can take pleasure in deepening their own learning. We will also develop unique educational programs and activities that are not available anywhere else, aiming to be a one and only attractive school.
We will do our utmost to make this school a place where students can realize their dreams and hopes. We sincerely ask for your support and cooperation.




Our school's main goal is to nurture global science and engineering professionals through integrated secondary and university education. Shibaura Institute of Technology Junior & Senior High School, which aims to be an "exciting school" and a " unique and attractive school," emphasizes the following four educational concepts.
The first is "Providing science and engineering education. It would be essential to nurture young science and engineering talent transcending the boundaries between the humanities and sciences and building the foundation to be proficient in all fields. Through inquiry-based learning, short tech hours, and other activities, we help students deeply understand the relationship between all subjects and technology. For third year of junior high school, we offer Science Technology Hour for two hours every other week to provide opportunities for being familiar with various specialized fields of science and technology in collaboration with universities and companies.
We offer "University Collaboration Education" program which students experience cutting-edge "manufacturing"  having strengthen our partnership with the Shibaura Institute of Technology from the first year of junior high school. Through this program, students will expand their own potential and develop the ability to create new value from a fusion of technology and creativity.
In our Career education, we assist students so that they can find their own future career paths based on highly specialized science studies. Through university tours and laboratory visits, as well as through pre-university classes, students deepen their understanding of their future careers and seek the most appropriate career path.
Finally, for "Global Education" as a school affiliated with an SGU-accredited university, we have overseas experience programs to cultivate internationality. We offer homestay programs in the U.S. and Australia for third year of junior high school students and visiting programs to New Zealand and India for high school students, to nurture students who can become talent on the world stage. In addition, students with outstanding grades who wish to be internally recommended to Shibaura Institute of Technology are given the opportunity to study abroad for approximately three months to deepen their international understanding.
Through these four concepts, Shibaura Institute of Technology Junior and Senior High School opens the "doors of possibility" for each student and nurtures global science and engineering professionals who will lead the future society. Deepening science and engineering education, cooperation with universities, taking solid steps toward careers, and expanding international perspectives. All of these will provide a solid foundation for our students to shape their own futures. We will continue to innovate to build a bridge to the future.