Shibaura Institute of Technology Junior and Senior High School

New campus(in Toyosu) was opened in April 2017

Junior and Senior High School

Message from Principal

Integrated secondary and college education to cultivate future engineers

abm00015264SATO, Motoya Principal
Shibaura Institute of Technology Junior and Senior High School will be relocated to Toyosu, Tokyo in April 2017. The school was originally established as the Tokyo Tetsudo (Railway) School on the west side of Ikebukuro Station. After being renamed, the school added junior high school courses and relocated to its present location, Sakashita, Itabashi Ward, in 1982. Currently, there are 1,000 male students in attendance and approximately 40% of the graduates enter the Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) each year. As evidence of this secondary institution’s stature as a leading school for science and technology students, of all those who go on to obtain their college degrees, three-fourths major in the sciences.
The significance of this school is that it is rare to find any other private educational institutions that offer a “Integrated secondary and college education.” Students receive an education in science, engineering and manufacturing with an eye toward their collegiate research and future careers. For example, during the first year of junior high, students participate in a “Joy of Engineering” program. Each student experiences making things under the supervision of college professors and with the support of SIT students on the SIT Toyosu Campus. During their second year, all students together experience making a robot. In this way, students in their early years get to experience the pleasure of creating objects while also developing an identity as a “Shibaura Student.” In high school, students receive exposure to various secondary-and-higher transitional educational courses as well as receive career insights through lectures by SIT professors on their scientific research. “Shibaura” is the only educational institution that is able to garner the cooperation and support of college staff and, thus, provide its students with an integrated education that will provide them the opportunity to become a world-class talent in the science and engineering sector. Needless to say, such benefits will increase with the relocation of Shibaura Institute of Technology Junior and Senior High School to Toyosu, where the physical distance to the SIT becomes shorter.

We consider this relocation the “4th establishment” of our school. Taking this opportunity, mostly our young faculty members have begun a sweeping review of our educational activities for the school’s reformation. In addition to ensuring the acquisition of basic academic skills to prepare students for higher education and to be able to take full advantage of a distinctive college-affiliated all-male school, we also help to improve innovation skills, communication skills and the other qualities needed to foster a flexible-thinking leader in their chosen field, aiming for the "one and only" school. 

Programs at Shibaura Institute of Technology Junior and Senior High School

Science & Technology

The school offers a variety of programs, such as the “Joy of Engineering” and “Fundamentals of Robot Science” in which students can experience the pleasure of creating useful and innovative mechanical objects. Throughout their third year of junior high school, students have two-hour hands-on classes as part of the “Science/Technology Hour” program in which they are exposed to a broad spectrum of the various sciences. In one of the classes in this program, “Project Management” (PM), students utilize PM methodology to design a quality house within outlined cost and delivery deadlines. With a school slogan of, “Making all school subjects connected with science and technology,” we have created “Short Technology Hour” classes in which teachers briefly explain from their vantage point the relationship between their own specialties and science & technology. This is a very practical class and is considered a basic career building tool for the students.

Transition to SIT

While we focus on creating opportunities for junior high school students to learn the pleasure of making things, we create special programs in cooperation with SIT for our high school students. SIT visit in the 1st year, course introduction and science/technology lessons in the 2nd year, and laboratory visit in 3rd year are prepared. The emphasis of these programs is on providing students with the necessary information to help guide their career path. These programs are constructed so as to draw a students’ interest to certain subjects as well as to motivate them to continue their education. Furthermore, high-achieving seniors in high school who wish to enter SIT are eligible to participate in the “College Preview” program. Such students can actually attend SIT classes and, if they achieve qualifying marks, this will be credited after once they have entered SIT.

Language education

Generally, young men are not very communicative. In addition to other regular subjects, first and second-year students of the junior high school are required to take “Language Hour” classes for Japanese language training. A “Conversational Communication” class is available for third and fourth-year students to give them opportunities to listen to others as well as to express themselves.

As for English, we have developed programs including classes taught by native English speakers with a focus on building communication skills. All third-year students of the junior high school are to participate in a two-week trip to US in which they reside with an American family in order to experience a different culture and to improve their communication skills as well as promote self-reliance. We also provide several other opportunities for students in order to increase their skills in adjusting to a global society, including an English camp of the English Super Class and 3-month overseas trip for students who receive early acceptance to SIT.