OMIYA campus

A spacious property with lush greenery – “Green Campus” is the perfect home for active and ambitious students

OMIYA Campus
Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) built its Omiya Campus on spacious green land, and it is the first Japanese university campus certified under ISO14001. The nickname, Green Campus, is a registered tradename of SIT (registration number 4584482).

Freshmen and sophomore students of the College of Engineering and all students of the College of Systems Engineering and Science as well as Graduate School students study on this campus. This campus is also home to most after-school club activities.

The SIT Global Dormitory was completed adjacent to the campus premises in 2013. Campus Building No. 5 offers a conversation space, “I-Co-B,” where students are free to come in and enjoy conversing with others
SIT Global DormitorySIT Global Dormitory: A dormitory for both Japanese and foreign students, provides opportunities for international exchanges
I–Ko–BaI-Co-B: A conversation space located in Building No. 5