Malaysia Twinning Program

Overview of Malaysia Japan Higher Education Program (MJHEP)

MJHEP is a program to study abroad in Japan funded by the Malaysian government.
(It is the successor to the Higher Education Loan Fund Project (HELP) 1. to 3. that was implemented in three stages over 22 years using a Japanese loan fund).
MJHEP selects students who wish to study abroad in Japan from those students who achieve marks in the top 5% on the joint academic test carried out in Malaysian high schools (SPM), and provides three years of education (a preparation year focusing mainly on Japanese language, followed by two years in the first two years of a program at a technical university). In the third year of studies in their home country (the second year in the course program), students take transfer exams for their desired university, and begin studying abroad in Japan the next April in the third year of the program at a Japanese university (3+2 twinning).

MJHEP Implementation System

MJHEP Implementation System

MJHEP's Education System(3+2 Twinning)

MJHEPs Education System

Accepting Universities(As of February 2022)

National Universities
Ehime University Yamaguchi University
Kagawa University Saitama University
Toyohashi University of Technology Nagaoka University of Technology
University of Hyogo Fukui University
Muroran Institute of Technology (9 universities)
Private Universities
Shibaura Institute of Technology Kinki University
Okayama University of Science Tokyo Denki University
Takushoku University Tokai university
Tokyo University of Technology Toyo university
Tokyo University of Science Meiji University
Ritsumeikan University (11 universities)
ContactDivision of Global Initiatives
3-7-5 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-8548, Japan (2F Classroom and Administration Building Toyosu campus)
TEL +81-(0)3-5859-7140 / FAX +81-(0)3-5859-7141