Course Taking Sandwich Program AY2020-2021

Updated on 3rd April, 2020

(SIT policy of COVID-19)

Participants from countries where the Japanese government has imposed some restrictions on or after August 6 may be asked to cancel their participation.

Moreover, although we would like to run the program as much as possible,we may have to cancel the program for the safety of the participants.

Please note that the flight fee, accommodation fee and any other fee* caused for the cancellation will not be covered by SIT.

*However, the registration fee will be refunded through the service called “Flywire”.

What is the Course Taking Sandwich Program?

What is the Course Taking Sandwich Program
The Course-Taking Sandwich Program is where the student continues to be registered at their home university, while studying I semester or 2 semesters at Shibaura Institute of Technology. For example, the student may study for their first two years at their home university, study at Shibaura Institute of Technology for the third year, and then return to home university to complete their studies.
Students have a wide range of study options from all departments and colleges. Classes are taught in English and Japanese language lessons are also available.

Program feature and the guideline

Course Taking Sandwich Program
- Hands on learning in the capital of Japan, Tokyo.
- Over 100 English-based courses
- Wide range of study options in a science and engineering fields.
(Mechanical, Materials, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electrical, Electronics, Architecture, Civil and System)
- JPY40,000 scholarship opportunity*
*Must pass the SIT scholarship screening.

For further details, check our latest program guideline.


The applicant must :

- be an undergraduate/graduate student of a university.
- complete this program at SIT and return to home university before the graduation at his/her home university.
- have good English skills* (CEFR B2 equivalent or higher)
- be physically and mentally healthy. (health checkup / certificate is required upon application)
- comply with the Japanese export control legal framework.

* CEFR B2 is equivalent to IELTS 5.5-6.5, TOEFL iBT 72-94, (These scores may change from time to time)
* Native English speaker and the Enlish-based degree students are not required to submit a English proficiency scores.
* If the applicant hasn't taken the English proficiency test, his/her home university can issue a letter that substantitates student's English proficiency.


SIT Partner University applicants:

- Registration fee: JPY30,000
- Program fee and tuition: All Waived

Non-Partner University applicants:

- Registration fee: JPY30,000
- Admission fee: JPY40,000
- Tuition (Course takers only): JPY12,000/credit

Course Schedule

Undergraduate AY2020-2021

Spring semester
Fall semester

Graduate AY2020-2021

Spring semester
Fall semester

When to apply and start?

First, decide your entry period (when to start and Length of stay) and check your Nomination Period and Application Submission Period.

STEP 1: Have your university's coordinator send a nomination form to the SIT International Office.(
STEP 2: Apply via online application form. Please check the "How to apply for SIT mobility program" before you start applying.
Entry PeriodApplication Acceptance PeriodBeginning of Program
Nomination Period Application Submission Period
Spring EntryOctober 1st - October 15thOctober 1st - October 30thBeginning of April
Fall EntryApril 1st - April 15th   May 10thApril 1st - April 30th   May 10thEnd of September
Nomination and Application form for AY2020-2021

Nomination form

Submit the "Nomination form" to the SIT International Office ( as an Excel file.

※Note:Nomination has to be submitted by university coordinator or supervisor.

Application form

In case you have any questions

Student Voice

Interview with Sandwich Students at SIT

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