Machinery and Control Systems

About Machinery and Control Systems

Studies of the basics for conducting analysis, development, design, and manufacturing of mechanical control systems for highperformance robots, nextgeneration vehicles, clean energy power sources, and other things that sustain modern society and will be indispensable to nationbuilding from here on are go hand in hand with systems engineering principles and theories related to optimization of the whole from broad perspectives that include people, the environment, and society.

Research Domain

Vehicles, robots, next-generation energy sources, fuel cells, bio-energy, universal design, remote control, human interaction, lifestyle support, support for creative thinking, digital engineering, systems development, CAD, CMA, CAE, quantum engineering, agricultural engineering


Objectives in Education and Research

The Department of Machinery and Control Systems comprise of the following three educational goals to prepare engineering professionals who can serve towards a sustainable development of society:

  1. Master the fundamentals of machine engineering necessary to develop machinery systems.
  2. By combining a variety of elements, acquire and apply the methodologies necessary to exploit the interplay between machinery and control systems.
  3. Implement skilled “manufacturing” which will lead to a newly integrated value from products, mankind, and the environment.


Many graduates have professions in careers such as automobiles, heavy industries, electric, precision equipment, and energy industries. Since mechanical engineering is an essential of “manufacturing practices”, the employment opportunities come from an array of industries including materials manufacturers such as steel and paper, foods, chemistry, and plant constructions. The numbers of employment sectors are expanding.