Student Services

During your time at SIT there may be occasions when you are anxious or unsure ofhow to deal with a situation. If this happens, don’t worry alone. The staff at one of the following offices may be able to help you:

  • Toyosu Campus: Global Initiative Section (second floor)
  • Omiya Campus: Student Affairs Section (first floor, No. 2 Building)
  • Shibaura Campus: Student Affairs Section (first floor)

Student Advisory Offices

SIT has set up a student advisory office on each campus. Trained counselors are available to offer advice to students on days when the offices are open. If necessary, the counselors can liaise between students and teaching staff or entities within SIT. They can also provide information on external counseling organizations and other sources of advice.
Students can rest assured that anything they discuss with a counselor will remain strictly confidential.

The student advisory offices’ opening days and times change during vacations and other periods when there are no lectures. Please check bulletin boards and the SIT website for changes.

Health Centers

The campus health centers help students prevent illness, monitor their health, and stay well. They also provide first aid if a student falls ill, feels unwell, or sustains an injury. Students are welcome to visit the health centers to discuss any health-related concerns or problems.
ContactStudent Affairs Section
Toyosu Campus
3-7-5 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-8548, Japan (2F Classroom and Administration Building Toyosu campus)
TEL +81-(0)3-5859-7370 / FAX +81-(0)3-5859-7441
Omiya Campus
307 Fukasaku, Minuma-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama 337-8570, Japan (1F 2 Building Omiya campus)
TEL +81-(0)48-687-5105 / FAX +81-(0)48-687-5573