Global Learning Commons (GLC)

GLC website is also created by student staff. Click here → Omiya GLC (launched in January 2022)・Toyosu GLC(launched in April 2023)

What is Global Learning Commons (GLC)?

GLC is a community place for SIT students, faculties and staffs.
As a global university, we are committed to provide opportunities for both international and domestic students with diverse backgrounds to become open-minded by learning languages, sharing different cultures, communicating with each other, and so much more.

At GLC, student staff called “GLC staff” are here and ready to support any visitors. If you wish to practice different languages, ask questions about studying abroad, or simply enjoy meeting new people, the GLC staff will be happy to assist you!

We are excited to announce that new website of Omiya GLC is launched in January 2022!!
This site is filled with valuable information created by GLC staff, for both Japanese and International students. 
Please check for the details and feel a cozy atmosphere!

What is Available at GLC?

Learn about Studying Abroad
If you wish to study abroad someday or hear experiences from students who studied abroad, GLC student staffs will be happy to talk to you and share their experiences.
Practice Languages and Learn about Different Cultures
If you wish to practice other languages, or learn about other cultures, our students from various countries will be happy to talk to you and share their stories.
Support for Living in Japan (Mainly for International Students)
If you need help in everyday life, such as purchasing a train pass, opening a bank account, and so on, we will support you. Also, if you have any questions before starting to live and study in Japan, please feel free to access the Facebook page called "SIT Student Support Community", which is mainly organized by GLC staff. Along with international students, this community group is dedicated to share information, and based on their experiences, they will be happy to respond to your questions before coming to Japan.
Books and Materials
There are many books, magazines and materials available in GLC room. These are available for you to read in the room only, not for check-out. However, a variety of books are available especially for language studies (including TOEIC and TOEFL) and cultural information (including Japanese cuisine and Manga).
A variety of events and activities are planned and held on regular basis. It is a great opportunity for you to get involved and learn about different cultures while having fun!

[Previous Events]

Tanabata, Japanese Calligraphy Workshop, Book Club, Halloween, Game Day, Tea Ceremony Workshop, Christmas Party and more!
In addition, you can use our space as a study room by yourself or in-group. We also welcome you to just talk casually or take a break. Please feel free to come and visit us at any time!

GLC Social Media

GLC social media is mainly organized by GLC student staff. Please check below:


GLC Facebook
Shared account by Omiya and Toyosu campus. Articles about various activities and events of each campus, and the latest news are posted.
SIT Global Learning Commons

SIT Student Support Community
Community group consists of members including SIT students, graduates, and international students. You can ask especially about daily life in Japan since there are many students with similar experiences who would be delighted to reply and support you thorough this social media community.
SIT Student Support Community
Private Group

Each of Omiya and Toyosu campuses has its own account. Not only the event information, but typical day and atmosphere of GLC room are posted as well.
SIT/Omiya Campus GLC

Shared account by Omiya and Toyosu campus. Please check out for events and need-to-know information as we tweet in a timely and friendly manner.

YouTube (Shibaura URA Channel -URAURA-)

YouTube channel officially approved by SIT. "URA" means behind the scenes, and all uploaded videos are planned, filmed and edited by SIT students. Here the GLC staff created "GLC Movies" so you can see what it feels like to get 
involved with GLC! Everyone is welcome and enjoy watching!!

Shibaura URA Channel -URAURA-

Introduction of Global Learning Commons by Toyosu GLC

Introduction of Omiya GLC by Omiya GLC

Daily scenes at GLC / Typical misunderstandings (comedy sketch) by Toyosu GLC

〜What’s New for 2022 by Toyosu GLC
・【Where can SIT students live in Odaiba?】お台場国際寮が一目瞭然!!!
Explanatory video of TIEC which is a dormitory for international students
★Highly Recommended★
For anyone interested in studying in Japan, check out the real “room tour” guided by International student staff. Wish your dreams come true! This movie is also good for learning English. Enjoy♪


OMIYA Campus:University Hall 2F
TOYOSU Campus:Classroom & Administration Building 3F, 4F