Top Global University Project

Design and Implementation of a Human Resource Development Model
for Engineering and Sciences focusing on Value Co-Creative Education
- Contribution to Global Sustainability

"SHIBAURA Model" - New Human Resource Development for Engineering & Sciences

Design and Implementation of a Human Resource Development Model for Engineering and Sciences focusing on Value Co-Creative Education- Contribution to Global Sustainability


(1) Quality Assurance both in Learning and Teaching through the Faculty-Staff-Student Partnership

For quality assurance in teaching, we employ the PDCA cycle described below.

(2) World-class Technical University

As a result of the system development, the followings are to be accomplished.

(3) Global Technology Initiative

Universities and companies join a global consortium, "Global Technology Initiative (GTI) Consortium" and promote research collaboration and industry-academia collaboration projects, as well as active learning (global PBL and overseas internships) and mutual exchanges of faculty.
A value co-creative education is based on Faculty-Staff-Student partnership, and various projects will be performed through collaborations with overseas universities and companies. By institutional reform of universities, we have constructed a program for training human resources who are active in the field of science and technology all over the world.

This is not just within the Shibaura University campus; we share this "Shibaura model" with universities in Japan and overseas.

Human Resources in Engineering and Science

Communication skills

Ability to promote mutual understanding in a globalized society based on a combination of broad engineering knowledge and linguistic proficiency.

Problem finding and solving skills

Ability to find and solve problems, with ethical mind and perspective views that enable us to evaluate the socio-economic ef fects of technology dvancements.

Meta-national awareness

Competence to respect diverse cultures, and take action from global viewpoints with the identity of one's home country in mind.

Technology management skills

Ability to find and assign socioeconomic values of emerging technologies on the basis of broad intellectual assets.

Global PBL/InterculturalPBLCase Study Example: Department of Electrical Engineering (with Hanoi University of Science and Technology)


Diversification of Education and Research <project plan>

Diversification of Education and Research PDF→

International Staff

2013 : 13.0% (21) > 2023 : 33.3% (60) 

Female Faculty and Researchers

2013 : 8.6% (26) > 2023 : 26.7% (80) 
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