Advanced Project Design Course (AP)

Solving the problems of society with architecture

Learn how to become the one who can contribute to the society by solving the myriad of problems through architecture. Students have a chance to gain conceptual ideas by joining Project-Based Learning (PBL). Classes in our course are interactive so that student’s communication skills will be improved.

Space and Architectural Design Course (SA)

Learn a wide range of architectural subjects through lessons based in practice

Gain wide variety of knowledge in architecture such as interior decorating and urban development. Students apply the knowledge gained in lectures to exercises and deepen their understanding through designing and planning. Also, students visit construction sites to feel the real “space” and create construction materials.

Urban and Architectural Design Course (UA)

Learn design that will improve quality of life

Students learn design for not only building itself but also urban space to increase the quality of residency. Skills to design buildings by considering design, history, structures, materials, environment and economy are gained through the course. Fieldwork such as visiting construction sites and laboratories to learn the latest technology and sketching buildings outside school is also designed for the course.