Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors

Suzumi_鈴見理事長_840_1140(0.9MB)SUZUMI Takeo
The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Shibaura Institute of Technology
The origin of the present day Shibaura Institute of Technology was the Tokyo Higher School of Industry and Commerce established by Dr. Shiro Arimoto in 1927 in Omori, Tokyo (later relocated to Nishi-Shibaura, Shiba-ku). Later, in 1949, the Shibaura Institute of Technology was established as part of Japan’seducational reform movement. SIT went through many changes in establishing its schools, changes that were milestones in its long history. Currently, we have the University (four colleges and one school, totaling 16 departments), the Graduate School of Engineering and Science (Master’s and doctoral level programs) as well as our affiliated Junior and Senior High Schools in Tokyo and Chiba, with a combined total of over 10,000 students.

Dr. Arimoto’s philosophy for the foundation of the school was “the development of engineers with practical skills and knowledge dedicated to becoming the country’s driving force in manufacturing and technology” and “the nurturing of exceptionally talented individuals with high ethical values and principles, who are independent as well as simple and diligent”.

​It was the SIT’s practical education and desire to “develop engineers who learn from various aspects of the modern society and contribute to the welfare of human beings and society” which supported the achievement of these goals. SIT now aims to foster scientists and engineers who can contribute to the sustainable growth of the world by exposing our students to culturally diverse environments where they learn to cope with, collaborate with, and have ever-lasting friendships with fellow students from around the world.
 SIT’s aim to become a leading private engineering university reflects this original philosophy and embraces new challenges to improve its overall strength by raising the quality of our education.
 As a result of this, more than one hundred thousand SIT graduates are highly regarded as reliable and capable engineers, making significant contributions to the advancement of technologies and manufacturing industries in our country. We will continue to strive to improve SIT in such a way that it will be regarded as “THE university to study engineering” and “THE university for companies to hire graduates from” – to truly become that shining beacon that will inspire others to recommend us with confidence.
 Please join SIT in striving toward this bright future, and we thank you very much in advance for your continued support and guidance.


the Chairman of the Board of Directors
Shibaura Institute of Technology