There are several options for the housing: student dormitories, apartments, shared houses, and homestay. SIT supports entering the dormitories but even if you cannot get into a dorm due to capacity issues, SIT will introduce a private agent for looking for housing such as shared houses, apartments and homestay. Students will have a great deal of support and will have no trouble finding housing.

SIT Dormitory (Omiya Campus)

SIT has an international student dormitory on the Omiya campus. This is a dormitory for International students and Japanese students. It is not only a place to live but also a community that encourages international exchanges. Residents learn about the different cultures both Japanese and foreign countries through communication with other residents from all over the world, and return home with new perspectives.It is very competitive to enter the dorm, so please look for an alternative options in case you failed to stay in.

Tokyo International Exchange Center (Toyosu campus & Shibaura campus/For MASTER or higher students.)

The Tokyo International Exchange Center (TIEC) is a student dormitory operated by JASSO (a government agency).
So, the cost is relatively cheap compared to other housing options. However, you must note that this dormitory is only for students who are at the Masters level or higher.
It can only be applied from the university, so If you want to apply:
- Graduate degree program students : Contact daigakuin@ow.shibaura-it.ac.jp
- SIT mobility program students : Contact global-admission@ow.shibaura-it.ac.jp

Shared House

One of the most popular housing options among the students is a “shared house”.
A “shared house” is a property where the kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc. are shared with other residents


If you want complete privacy, you can also sign up for an apartment on your own through a real estate agency. However, the cost will be a bit higher, and you may need to furnish the room yourself in some cases.

Home stay

If you want to experience the Japanese life style, a homestay may be an option for you. We will share a homestay agent’s contact information to assist you in arranging this option.

Living expenses

Source: Rough estimation from SIT international students