Life at SIT


Comments by International students

Lorenna Lucia Bastos Bandeira

Lorenna Lucia Bastos Bandeira (Brazilian)

Mechanical Engineering

Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Espírito Santo (Brazil)
I chose SIT because it’s a technological university so that I was certain that I could be in touch with many different technological fields. The opportunity of belonging to a lab is also what attracted me. SIT also offers English classes and Japanese language lessons which could motivate me to learn the language. On top of that, SIT has a good relationship with international students. SIT has clubs, events and an International office that stimulates interaction between International and Japanese students and we have a lot of supports as well.
Priscila Ribeiro Zucato

Priscila Ribeiro Zucato (Brazilian)

Electrical Engineering – Emphasis in Electronics

University of São Paulo (Brazil)
While staying in SIT, I was able to get in touch not only with the Japanese lifestyle, but also with a more global community as I had the opportunity to know and work with people from all around the world. Those experiences taught me how to respect and better understand people from different cultures and backgrounds. I also could get in touch with many different fields of engineering, like mechanical and environmental engineerings, through classes I had the chance to attend. All these factors contributed to offer me new knowledge and I am sure that it will be useful on my professional career as an engineer.


SIT Students can do world-class research at Techno Plaza

SIT Students can do world-class research at Techno Plaza
Techno plaza with cutting-edge research facilities supports student's research activities, since it opened in January 2016.
SmartLabSmartLab / X-ray diffractometer
Motion capture system at Techo studioMotion capture system at Techo studio
Field emission scanning electron microscopeField emission scanning electron microscope
Ultrasonic diagnostic equipmentUltrasonic diagnostic equipment
Probe microscopeProbe microscope
Driving simulatorDriving simulator


Students Accommodation [for long-term international students]

The SIT Global Dormitory was established at Omiya Campus as a forum for cultural exchange between Japanese and international students.

Common room / Shared kitchen

Common room and shared kitchen are located in the central area of each floor with accommodation (2nd to 5th floors). The dormitory is designed to promote mutual understanding among students from different countries, nationalities, religions and customs.

Overview of the facilities

Building structure:Five story reinforced concrete building Number of rooms: 120 (total of Japanese and overseas students, including 30 females)
Facilities:Bed, air conditioner, desk, chair, bathroom unit with toilet (heated bidet type), closet, LAN, etc.
Shared facilities, etc:Kitchen and common room on each floor, coin operated washers and dryers
Maximum Contract:2 years
Rent: JPY 35,000/month(excluding meals and utilities)
*Rent and fees areas of September 1, 2018.
*One month’s rent is needed as a deposit upon entry to the dormitory
Students Accommodation




We offer an opportunity to get involved between Japanese students and international students. We hold various events, such as having lunch together several times a month, going bowling and having a party.
Since 2011, we have been doing activities together with ICP (International Communication Project).

Students Project

Global Dormitory Project

Global Dormitory Project based on the Global Dormitory in Omiya campus, and aim to improving student's globalization awareness as holding international exchange events which Domitory students, international students and SIT students can casually join.

[Year-round schedule]

  • July: Vega Festival
  • September: Athletic meet
  • October: Holoween event
  • November: Japanese culture event
  • December: Chrismas event
  • February, 2018: Day before the beginning of spring
  • Other: Experience for international cooking/Interacting
  • with Japanese Language School students/Summer
  • festival/Ceramic art experience
Global Dormitory Project

International Communication Project

International Communication Project aims to provide the space for domestic and international students to mingle through Japanese traditional culture workshops and international luncheons.

[Activities in past years]

  • We translated menus into English for Cafeteria.
  • We made School guide for international students. This guide contains information about Japanese restroom, entering S.I.T. in late time, how to sort garbage and so forth.
  • We made an “English library guide”.

[Year-round schedule]

  • June: Tourism for Kamakura
  • July:Malaysian Day / Participation in Fukushima instauration event
  • August: Fireworks Festival / Climbing Mt.Fuji
  • September: Welcome party /Watching sumo
  • October: Holloween party /Autumn Trip
  • November: African Day
  • December: Chrismas party
  • January, 2018: Traditional New Year's food cooking/Experience for tea ceremony
  • February, 2018: Ski trip
  • March, 2018: Farewell party
International Communication Project