INTERVIEW - Vol.6 (Undergraduate Program)

INTERVIEW - Vol.6Kim Youn Bin from South Korea

2nd-year student, Undergraduate Program,
Department of Engineering and Design

What do you think about the most convenient and inconvenient thing in Japan?

There are signs in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese indicating in the public facilities such as trains, so it's convenience even if people don't understand Japanese. In south Korea, credit cards are acceptable in most of shops. On the other hands, in Japan, I sometimes can't use them in a restaurant, so I feel it's a bit inconvenience.

How is your life at SIT?

I had no foreign friends until I came to Japan. Since I moved into the global dormitory, I met people from various countries, such as Africa, Russia, France, etc. and experienced new things. Moreover, I participated with dormitory members to a big festival taken place nearby the dormitory every summer. We cooked Brazilian dumplings, ”Phad Bai Gaprao”, and so on. It was a memorable experience.

Why did you decide to live in Global dormitory?

When I live in Japan or Korea, I don't often see international people, so I got interest cultural exchange with international students in Global dormitory. One of dormitory friends chose SIT that because he/she wanted to live in the dormitory. It is a good opportunity to interact with exchange students who came from not only East Asia and also countries far from Japan.
Even in a different culture environment. I don't feel much inconvenience .
Kim Youn Bin1At the International Dormitory Lounge

Do you belong to any club?

I belong to SISA (Shibaura International Students'Association) which is international student exchange club. They have several activities are such as "lunch party", "ski camp" and "Christmas events", etc. SISA does activity in collaboration with ICP in Toyosu, so there are many opportunities to see both SISA and ICP members, in events not only organized by SISA. I am looking forward to going to the ski camp in Fukushima prefecture with about 40 members of SISA next week(Interviewed at the middle of Jan).

What is your goal in the future?

Since before study abroad, I have a desire to go on to graduate school and get into an architectural office. After I came to Japan, I realized my interest is to do a large scale architecture. And I'm thinking that I would like to be involved in commercial architecture and urban design in the future.
Kim Youn Bin2An model produced in class

Please give a message to the readers who are international students and high school students.

Going abroad is that will be a new step in your life.
When you interact with a wide variety of people overseas, you may be able to broaden your horizons and possibilities, and it may be a good experience for your life.
I feel that my perspective has broaden through my life in Japan more than when I was in Korea.