INTERVIEW - Vol.4 (Undergraduate Program)

INTERVIEW - Vol.4Ahmad Ariq Amer Bin Rozaili from Malaysia

Malaysia Twinning Program - Malaysia Japan Higher Education Program (MJHEP)
Third year student, Undergraduate Program, Mechanical Engineering

What was your first impression of Japan?

When I came to Japan in March, it was very cold. Because Malaysia is normally humid and doesn’t have four seasons. In Japan, Outside was very cold, but inside was very warm. I was very shocked about different weather between Japan and Malaysia .

What was your reason to choose SIT?

First of all, SIT is located in Tokyo which is attractive for me. Secondly, SIT is one of the top universities in my selection, so I guess this is the best.

How is your life at SIT?

Pretty much Okay. I'm a transfer students, and most of students are Japanese in my class. I guess it is easy to get both Japanese and International friends. I also talk with GLC(Global Learning Commons) staff about my experience as a Malaysian. I think it’s very interesting. I can talk in Japanese, but I think (my Japanese) is not very well. But it is ok, because the students always ask me questions such as  "How about Japan?", "How about SIT?", "How is teacher?" and so on. Teachers are also nice.

Do you attend any Japanese language lesson?

No. Before I came to Japan, I studied Japanese for three years in University of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At the beginning, learning Japanese was difficult. Since I came to Japan, I met Japanese friends and get to talk (with them) in Japanese, so it’s getting better.
Ahmad Ariq Amer Bin Rozaili

How did you spend your free time?

Usually if I have free time, I go to the library to study, and hung out with Japanese friends and housemates. Last week, I went to Nikko to see the autumn foliage, that was really nice.