INTERVIEW - Vol.3 (Master's Program)

INTERVIEW - Vol.3Arinze Michael Ogbugo from Nigeria

Master's Program(African Business Education(ABE) Initiative for Youth)
1st year student, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Graduate School

What was your reason to choose SIT?

I chose SIT because SIT has strong networks with government and industry. The Global Technology Initiative(GTI) Consortium, establish by SIT in 2015, is well known as the platform for the collaboration, in which a lot of cooperative activities are made to solve challenging problems faced by industry and government throughout the region.

Why did you decide to come to Japan?

When I had a chance to come to Japan, I thought that it's really nice, safe, and a great place to study engineering, especially for my major, electrical engineering.
Arinze Michael Ogbugo1

What was the first impression of Japan?

Everything seems to be organized and looks modern. I really like Japan.

How is your life at SIT?

It's been fun so far. I have a good professor who tries to make sure that I learn something from SIT. I also got many friends (who are) from Africa, Japan, Malaysia and so on. It’s really nice.

Could you tell me about ABE initiative?

ABE initiative is a program and aimed at training African youths. The skills obtained after the program would be used mainly to facilitate the development of home country which in the long run would strengthen the relationship between Japan and home country.
Arinze Michael Ogbugo2