INTERVIEW - Vol.8 (Research Exchange Program)

INTERVIEW - Vol.8Thesyandra from Indonesia

Research Exchange Program,Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory.
My major is Ocean Engineering at home university, Institut Technologi Sepuluh Nopember, Indonesia (ITS).
I study about the wave, current, and tidal ocean.

How did you know the research exchange program?

Best friend at ITS told me about this program and recommended me saying that it’s a good chance to go overseas to study more, and to get a connection. I didn't have time to prepare for Japanese language, but Lab members could speak English with gesture, so I could talk each other.

How is college life at SIT?

I enjoy spending time in Lab. In this Lab., all people here are welcoming, that makes me easy to adopt here even not all Lab member speak English well, they help me a lot. If they don’t understand my English, I speak more slowly, or I spell words so that I can communicate with them.
I visited Japanese construction company on a field trip and saw a lot of ports like in Yokohama. I'm interested in how to design them. Why I study in Japan is that because Japan already has varioustechnologies such as wave technology, oil technology, solar panels, nuclear etc.

What is the first impression of Japan?

I am a fan of the Japanese movies and had known about Japan from the movie. Japanese fashion is really unique, and impressive for me, I was amazed by that.

Do you have any favorite Japanese word?

I know only standard Japanese such as Arigatogozaimasu (Thank you), Gomennasai (I'm sorry), Sumimasen (Excuse me), Konnichiwa (Hello), etc. These phrases are very useful.

What do you think about differences between SIT and ITS?

At ITS, I feel comfortable as I am an Indonesian. A professor at ITS has own room, so when I want to see a professor, I need to make a reservation first.

At SIT, I have to get used to the new environment, but I can learn a lot that how to always stay in the rule, how to manage myself, and so on. And a professor is always in Lab, so I can directly discuss with the professor anytime. It is very convenient.