INTERVIEW - Vol.1 (Sandwich Program)

INTERVIEW - Vol.1Silvia Seki Hellmeister from Brazil

Sandwich Program
Exchange student(home univ. / University of São Paulo, Brazil)

What was the first impression of Japan?

The first impression was very good. I arrived here by myself, because I didn't know anyone here. When I arrived I had a lot of luggage and everything, but it was very good. Because I was really lost, but I got help from many people that I have never met. I mean, people were very kind.

How is life at SIT?

I like SIT very much. I think we have some good opportunities to meet a lot of people from many other countries, not only Japanese people.
I study Mechanical engineering. But here, as I am on a sandwich program, I get to the subjects from different engineering, and that's very interesting. So I choose some different ones that I won't be able to take in Brazil.
Environment here is very nice.

Describe your most interesting experience at SIT, or in Japan?

I got to meet a lot of different people, and get to know a lot of different cities as well as I was able to travel around Japan.
Silvia Seki Hellmeister

Have you ever attended any Festival at SIT?

At the end of last semester, I attended the Shibaura Festival here, in Toyosu. It was very nice. Because it was quite big, and had many different food from many different countries.