INTERVIEW - Vol.9 (Master's Program)

INTERVIEW - Vol.9Emma Marie INGABIRE from Rwanda

Master's Program(African Business Education(ABE) Initiative for Youth)
1st year student, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Graduate School

Why did you choose SIT?

I chose SIT, because it's one of the universities which has all the equipments I need for my research. It was among the list which was proposed during the scholarship.

What is your major?

My department is an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Basically, using a different kind of factors such as Environmental, Climate change, Mobility, and Vulnerability, try to find the factor which is the most cause of malaria in Rwanda. So I can say, in data engineering, where I am located now, is oneof the labs where I can get knowledge from the professors. They always ask me about the progress everyweek.

How is your professor?

Being a Master's student and attending some classes, there's a lot of work, so I think working with my professor is very nice because he is kind when asking helpful data for the assignments and he always gives you something which can help you to be motivated in our class. Every Monday I have to discuss with him, so I have been working on my research and every week I have to discuss and show my progress about the research.

How are friends at SIT?

There's a lot of friends, we make many friends because SIT is an international school, which is a good thing to be here, also it's one of the advantages because you have friendship with many people from all over the world, so I can say we are meeting new people from the program which I can go in, and also there are people from either Asia, America and Europe so everyone can meet anyone in the world.

How is Toyosu campus?

Actually, I was very surprised to be in Toyosu, I thought I would be in other campuses but when I was taught about my laboratory was in Tokyo, I was so excited. Because being in Tokyo, you have access to many places and the enviroment is very nice.
Emma Marie INGABIRE2

What is your goal in the future?

We came through the scholarship of African Business Education(ABE) Initiative for Youth, so our purpose is to get knowledge because Japan is one of the developed countries which has everything, any kind of knowledge, so we can contribute to our country to development. So after my study, I have to go back home and contribute to my country to develop.
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