INTERVIEW - Vol.2 (Sandwich Program)

INTERVIEW - Vol.2Maciej Gumulka from Poland

Sandwich Program
Exchange student(home univ. / AGH University of Science and Technology)

Why did you choose to participate this program?

I was chosen out of few students for this great opportunity, and I felt unique. I wanted to try If I can succeed and learn something new from my engineering skills.

What is the first impression of Japan?

My first impression of Japan is that really clean country and I was shocked about differences between Poland and Japan. And also here is so many rules, sometimes good, and sometimes not good, but overall, the country is clear and everything is in order. So, I think the impression is really great.

Describe your most interesting experience at SIT?

Most unique thing for me was attending Labs. Because, me and other college students in Poland, we can't really attend Labs that time. So, it is a great opportunity to do my home research at SIT and my Professor helps me a lot. I believe that it's a great impression of the university and a great chance to undertake.
Maciej Gumulka

What kind of courses do you take?

At SIT, I focused on programming skills. Because I believe that's key for today's modern work. But I also take courses out of other engineering fields, so It's pretty fun to combine different fields of study.

Have you ever attended any Festival at SIT?

I've been to Omiya Festival and it was fun. I had a chance to listen to Japanese, and students performed some music. And also I tried Japanese food, the cuisine was really great and I really enjoyed it.