ChatGPT など生成系 AI について

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ChatGPT など生成系 AI について

学長 山田 純








Regarding ChatGPT and other generative AI

Dear Students,

Many of you may have already been using generative AI as a useful tool such as ChatGPT which has been becoming a hot topic in the media. The details of generative AI have already been introduced in academic papers and media, so we will not go into them here, but despite its high convenience, many risks and concerns have been reported.
For example:
1. The generation of incorrect or inaccurate information
2. The possibility of copyright infringement or plagiarism in the generated content
3. The content of the question may be used for AI training (possibility of information leakage)
4.Social bias that may arise from the data used for AI training (including prejudice and discrimination)

In addition, there is a concern that you may not be able to deepen your understanding if you easily use generative AI for your homework or report assignments. Therefore, some universities take a cautious stance on the use of generative AI.

Despite the risks and concerns mentioned above, the extremely high usefulness of this technology is expected to lead to dramatic progress in the future. These risks and concerns will likely be resolved, and the legal and ethical aspects related to the AI usage will also be improved. It is expected that by the time you graduate from university and begin your careers, the utilization of generative AI will become indispensable.

As a general policy, our university recommends the use of generative AI.

However, there is one request when it comes to using generative AI. While it is essential to verify the accuracy of the generative content, it is equally important to carefully examine the content and organize your own thoughts based on it. We hope that you will use generative AI not as an easy tool for writing reports, but for deepening your learning.

The founding spirit of our university is "Nurturing engineers who learn from and contribute to society”. We expect you to actively utilize the new technology of generative AI that our society has created and contribute to the creation of further technology and its implementation in society.


Jun Yamada