Mekonnen Tibebu ChekolさんがThe 18th South East Asian Technical University Consortium (SEATUC) Symposium 2024にてBest Paper Award - Technical Sessionを受賞

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Mekonnen Tibebu Chekolさん(地域環境システム専攻/博士課程2年)



The 18th South East Asian Technical University Consortium (SEATUC) Symposium 2024

Best Paper Award - Technical Session

Causes of Non-Value Adding Activities in Urban Road Infrastructure Projects in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



The objective of this research is to identify the causes of non-value-adding activities (performance affecting factors), the incident of non-value adding activities (wastes), and to determine the different perceptions of stakeholders towards causes and factors non-value-adding activities within the urban road projects in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


The research has increased awareness and incidence of non-value-adding activities in urban road construction in Addis Ababa. Right of way issues was the significant cause, and defects and waiting time were the incidents of non-value adding activities identified from the stakeholders perspectives.


Eliminating or avoiding non-value adding activities in construction activities will bring a great impact on time, cost, quality and productivity of construction projects. By identifying the cause and occurrence of non-value adding activities during the construction process, urban road infrastructure stakeholders will be able to easily identify and select the best solutions and ways to apply lean construction approaches to reducing the effect of non-value adding activities, leading to increased project productivity and value delivery mechanism.