Minie Joy Adarneさんが土木学会全国大会第78回年次学術講演会にて優秀講演者を受賞

  • 社会基盤学専攻

Minie Joy Adarneさん(社会基盤学専攻/修士課程2年)




Financial impacts of different types of natural disasters on road infrastructure in the Philippines


The purpose of the research is to investigate the similarities and differences in the financial impacts of different types of natural disasters that cause damage to road and bridge infrastructures, to determine which type of natural disaster has the greatest financial impact on road infrastructure in 2021.


The primary objective of this study is to analyze the distribution and financial implications of damages caused by different types of natural disasters. By identifying the most common types of natural disasters and their corresponding financial losses, this research aims to inform policymakers and infrastructure developers on the vulnerabilities and financial risks associated with these types of disasters, ultimately contributing to more effective disaster management and resilient infrastructure development strategies.


By providing insights into the types of natural disasters that have the greatest impact on infrastructure, this research can contribute to more resilient and sustainable infrastructure development, enhanced disaster preparedness, and more effective allocation of resources, ultimately benefiting society by reducing the financial and human costs of natural disasters.