Pre-consultation with Supervisor/ Faculty Member

Pre-consultation is a procedure to confirm that there are no discrepancies in field of study between yourself and the
selected faculty member prior to application.

All applicants who are NOT from SIT who plan to pursue study in the university*1 are required to go through the pre-consultation before applying.

*1 This process is applicable to applicants from other universities, international students from Japanese language school or overseas universities (including SIT research students) etc.
Please note that current SIT students who plan to further study at SIT do not need to go through this pre-consultation process.

Pre-consultation is done through an application system called The Admissions Office (TAO).
The Admissions Office (TAO)

Visit pages below to find your preferred  supervisor.
Check if he/she is able to supervise students or not on “Academic List” below.

Please confirm the following manual carefully and obtain a Pre-Consultation Completion Form from the supervisor/faculty
member you wish to supervise via the TAO.
Pre-consultation manual for applicants (543.2KB)

On the Documents to be Prepared

The following documents are required for the pre-consultation, and we recommend that you prepare them prior to the preconsultation

1. [Required] Curriculum Vitae(Free Format)
※ Please make sure that there are no blank periods between high school graduation and the present.
2. [Required] Summary of previous research and Research Achievement (about 1 page/ Free Format)
3. [Required] Research Plan(Free Format)
4. [Required] Certificate of graduation/completion (OR expected to graduate/complete)(Original and the translation of Japanese or English version)
5. [Required] Full/Latest Transcript(Original and the translation of Japanese or English version)
6. [Optional] English test score (TOEIC L&R, TOEIC S&W, TOEFL iBT, GTEC (for Business) or IELTS Academic)
7. [Optional] Score Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT) or Japanese Language Score Confirmation of the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) (for International Students)
8. [Optional] Others

※Please make sure that the content of your research plan matches the research field of the supervisor/faculty member youwish to be supervised.
※You are not able to apply for pre-consultation to more than one faculty member at a time.
※English test score reports are [optional] to be submitted at the pre-consultation time. However, it is required to submit it atthe time of admission application. We will not be able to complete your application if you do not have it for the admissionapplication. (Screenshots from PC/ mobile etc. are not acceptable). For those who do not have the English test score reportduring the pre-consultation, please prepare or sit for the test as soon as possible.
※A score certificate of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test or a certificate confirming the results of the Examination forJapanese University Admission for International Students "Japanese" (for international students) is [optional] to be submittedat the time of pre-consultation. However, if you wish to take an examination in Japanese but you will not submitted at the timeof the Entrance Examination application, international students may not be able to complete the application for some entranceexaminations.(Screenshots from PC/ mobile etc. are not acceptable) For those who do not have the score certificate during thepre-consultation, please prepare or sit for the test as soon as possible.


Pre-consultation Period

Pre-consultation Period① Pre-consultation Period② Pre-consultation Period③
Entrance Examination
(for Master's Degree)
General Entrance Examination(2024,Fall)
Special Selection for Foreign Students/

Working Adults
(for Fall 2024 Admission)
General Entrance Examination(1st Round)
Special Selection for Foreign Students/
Working Adults
(for Spring 2025 Admission)
General Entrance Examination(2nd Round)
Special Selection for Foreign Students/
Working Adults
(for Spring 2025 Admission)
Entrance Examination
(for Doctoral Degree)
Entrance Examination(2024,Fall)
(for Fall 2024 Admission)
Entrance Examination(2025,Spring)
(for Spring 2025 Admission)
Pre-consultation Period ~April 30th, 16:00, 2024 ~May  31st, 16:00, 2024 ~October 31st, 16:00 2024
※If the pre-consultation period corresponding to the entrance examination to which you wish to apply has expired, you willnot be able to request a pre-consultation for that entrance examination. (You will be asked to complete the procedures duringthe next pre-consultation period). Therefore, please be prepared as soon as possible.
※ The above schedule is subject to change. Please be sure to check the latest information.
※ Please click here to see the entrance examination schedule. 
Entrance Examination Schedule

About Security Trade Control (Export Control)

In accordance with the provisions of the "Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law" and related laws and regulations, ShibauraInstitute of Technology conducts screening when providing technology or accepting researchers and students. Therefore, youmay be asked to change your desired educational/research content if there is a possibility of falling under any of the regulateditems.
For more information on Security TradeControl, please refer to the following METI website.

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