About SIT Research Laboratories

SIT Research Laboratories was founded according to the High-Tech Research Center Plan by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. This was started in fiscal 1997, with the Center for Asia Pipeline, when the center headed by Masaru Hirata, the current president. The project consolidated the best of what we had to offer in the area of energy, life support, biomedical engineering, materials science, biotechnology, technology and management, and so on. With this, we not only potentiated our research potential, but also discovered new and high-tech research areas. Since then we have broadly exchanged externally, domestically, and internationally, as well as with the industrial sector.

Our faculty is known for superior research and results in a wide range of fields. When new research projects are proposed, we strive to acquire external funding, as well, to ensure that our projects appeal to society. Nonetheless, all results are always fed back to our educational program for the betterment of the entire system. This is how we stably and thoroughly develop excellent students and potential. We have new goals set for this fiscal year and on. And, these proposals will be strategically defined as part of our organization, for the further development of S.I.T. as a superior research base.

SIT Research Laboratories