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Trinity driving forces by Education, Research and Innovation

Trinity driving forces by Education_Research and Innovation

Technology Domain

Technology Domain

Governmental / Collaborative Projects

Government Funded Projects (47 projects at 2014)


Industry-Academia Collaboration (196 projects at 2014)

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Case Studies of Collaborative Projects

Deepwater Exploration Shuttle Vehicle “Edokko No.1”

Deepwater Exploration Shuttle Vehicle01
Deepwater Exploration Shuttle Vehicle02
Deepwater Exploration Shuttle Vehicle03

The Project of Renovation for Tokyo Bay Area

The Project of Renovation for Tokyo Bay Area- Reactivating wood processing industry by utilizing and marketing lumber for the infill of apartment houses -
Renovation of an old apartment by collaboration with wood distributorsRenovation of an old apartment by collaboration with wood distributors
Senior people live in old aptSenior people live in old apt.

Separation of foreign objects from Dehydrated Vegetables

Some contaminants are so small that it is hard

Process & Mechanism

  1. Prior to separation, particles to be separated become negatively charged using the charging device. In the drum, particles are attracted toward the inside of the drum.
  2. Vegetables are so heavy that they fall from the inclined drum.
  3. Foreign objects are so light that they rise together with the rotating drum and are collected by the suction device.

Rotary Type Electrostatic SeparatorRotary Type Electrostatic Separator
Process & MechanismProcess & Mechanism
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