Functional information engineering Laboratory

Developing sensors that generate information and their applications

We are developing sensors to detect gas (smell components) and a system to identify smells by processing information obtained through the sensors. As an application of a gas sensor, we are developing a system that combines sensors for temperature, humidity and light with a gas sensor in order to measure the conditions of a living space and gauge the activities of the residents by processing the data gathered by the sensors. The system will be useful to monitor senior citizens living alone or prepare information to be provided to domestic robots.

College of Engineering Computer and Communications Engineering Information and Communications Engineering / Graduate School of Engineering and Science(Master's Program) Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Course / Graduate School of Engineering and Science(Doctor's Program) Functional Control Systems Course
Faculty Name
SAITOH, Atsushi
Sensors,Measurement technologies,Electronic circuits
Laboratory location
Research Building TOYOSU Campus 12F 12K30

This lab is for this SDG activity:

  • 産業と技術革新の基盤をつくろう


  • Electronic engineering
  • Communication engineering
  • Information engineering


We are developing a system to assess a given situation, similar to how humans do, by using various sensors, in addition to a system dealing with smells and tastes, from which we have difficulties to collect numerical data. We are also developing technologies to create a space filled with scents, which suits each venue or one’s mood by using the numerical data of smells.


  • Development of units combining physical and chemical sensors and their applications in systems to monitor activities of the residents
  • Development of systems to identify smells that use crystal oscillator gas sensors
  • Development of small devices to supply smells