Health and Sports Engineering Laboratory

Scientific examination of health, competitive sports

In the field of health, we conduct research to elucidate the relationship between the hardening of arteries and lifestyle. We do so by using upper arm-ankle pulse wave velocity as the index of the disease. We are also trying to develop a sensor to detect the outbreak of heatstroke. Moreover, we are exploring the possibility of developing engineering applications in the sports field, such as sports facilities, equipment and devices to measure the strength of muscles in addition to the use of motion and game analysis systems and virtual reality equipment to augment athletes’ talents.

College of Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering Advanced Electronic Engineering / Graduate School of Engineering and Science(Master's Program) Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Course / Graduate School of Engineering and Science(Doctor's Program) Functional Control Systems Course
Faculty Name
HAMANO, Manabu
Human engineering,The elderly and handicapped,Aging (Anti-aging),Medical care,Motion control,Blood vessels
Laboratory location
No.4 Building OMIYA Campus 4F 4401-2


  • Health science
  • Sports engineering


We will provide information about the manner in which health conditions and athletes’ competitive power as well as individual training can be improved. An efficient use of the body will help improve athletes’ performance and will also allow elder people to have an active lifestyle.


  • Development of a system to display the lines and areas of multi-use sports facilities
  • Development of a heatstroke sensor using biological information
  • Development of a system to analyze games and athletes’ motions
  • Development of a VR system to augment the talents of athletes
  • Development of a device to easily measure the strength of muscles attached to the hip joint