Superconductivity Research Laboratory

Development of superconducting super-magnets

The research activity is focused on nano-structured superconducting super-magnets suitable for industrial applications and capable of making dramatic changes in the daily life. The technology opens up a way for more practical, economical, and reliable production. In this laboratory, students will participate on development of next generation superconducting super-magnets, their production, and characterization. These products have potential to be explored in several industrial applications in medicine, transport, and research. The new superconducting materials have a close relation to magnetic refrigeration, solar energy, high power transport cables, and possess capability to reduce greenhouse gasses and improve our environment.

College of Engineering Innovative Global Program / Graduate School of Engineering and Science(Master's Program) Systems Engineering and Science Course / Graduate School of Engineering and Science(Master's Program) Global course of Engineering and Science / Graduate School of Engineering and Science(Doctor's Program) Regional Environment Systems Course
Faculty Name
MIRYALA, Muralidhar