Laboratory for Designing Environment for People

For creating an environment where each and every person can thrive and grow.

Do you remember the success of the Japan national rugby team in the 2019 Rugby World Cup, the Japan women's basketball team in the 2021 Olympics, and the Japan national soccer team in the upcoming 2022 World Cup? Despite not having all superstar players, these teams achieved great results. So, what is the key to their success? The answer lies in how they utilize their team members' strengths. How can we create an environment where each individual can be happy and fully demonstrate their abilities? This laboratory focuses on creating a "place" where each member belonging to the organization can excel and developing mechanisms and systems to nurture each individual. 研究室HP:

College of Design Engineering Department of Design Engineering Common / Graduate School of Engineering and Science(Master's Program) Systems Engineering and Science / Graduate School of Engineering and Science(Doctor's Program) Functional Control Systems Course
Faculty Name
KATO, Kyoko
Creating an environment with rhythm for team building and personal growth,Body Percussion and Inclusive Education,Rhythm and Motivation,leadership and communication,Innovative Education,Work-Life-Balance for Male workers
Laboratory location
No.4 Building OMIYA Campus 3F 4303-3


  • Management (HRM, OB, OT, Entrepreneurship, Business Model, etc.)
  • Psychology (Social psychology, I
  • O psychology)
  • Education for Innovation


In Japan, where an aging population and declining birth rate continue to advance, it is becoming increasingly important to create an environment where each individual can actively contribute to sustainable social growth, as well as enable each person to engage in innovation and value creation. The concept of "creating spaces and developing people" addressed in this research lab can contribute to solving the challenges faced by Japan and the world


  • The effect of introducing a rhythm work on developing a collaborative environment
  • The effect of rhythm work on teams’ motivation, leadership and communication
  • Developing a workshop for creating an innovative workplace
  • Work-Life-Balance for Male full-time workers in Japan