Economical System Science Laboratory

Work hard to generate data that were nonexistent

Our laboratory is pursuing practical research by establishing hypotheses on economic or social phenomena and collecting actual data to verify them. Not only do we use existing statistical data, but we also collect data on our own through fieldwork or by designing original questionnaires. To analyze and interpret the collected data, we learn the most relevant theories, not bounded by certain academic areas, such as economics, sociology, and psychology, to address the target issues.
Affiliation Planning, Architecture and Environmental Systems
Faculty Name KOYAMA, Yusuke
Academic Society Japan Society for Evolutionary Economics
The Japan Association for Social and Economic Systems Studies
Digital Games Research Association JAPAN
Keyword Economic systems, Consumer behaviors, Statistics

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For Society

“Collecting data for analyzing and drawing some conclusions, while learning the necessary knowledge and theories by oneself.” This kind of activity is essential any field, especially in the academic world or society.

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