Urban Environmental Engineering Laboratory

Carrying out robust, dynamic discussions about the foundations supporting the environment of metropolises

At Urban Environmental Engineering Laboratory, we are conducting research on new “environmental foundations” upholding metropolises of the future to plan them from two aspects: social capital (urban infrastructure, lifeline, urban facilities and architectural facilities, etc.) and natural capital (natural elements such as water, greenery, wind and soil). We are searching for theories to build environmental-conscious cities and design environmental control systems.
Affiliation Planning, Architecture and Environmental Systems
Faculty Name MASUDA, Yukihiro
Academic Society Architectural Institute of Japan
Asia Institute of Urban Environment
The Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan
Keyword Sustainable, Recycling-based society, Resilience, Environment improvements, Crisis management, Energy saving, Global warming, Urban environments, Heat-island phenomenon

Study Fields

For Society

We hope to picture sustainable future cities by inventing new perspectives and yardsticks to evaluate the environment from comprehensive viewpoints to seek safety, comfortableness, efficiency and human health.

Research Themes