Energy System Analysis Laboratory

Designing future energy systems that are efficient and low-carbon

It is essential for both energy suppliers and users to make efforts if we want to establish sustainable energy systems. It is necessary for the energy suppliers to shift the use of fossil fuels to renewable energy, but there a myriad of technological and societal problems to solve for the introduction renewable energy because the output of renewable energy is unstable. The demand side is not without problems. It is necessary to make efforts for users to save energy or control their energy usages in accordance of energy supply situations. Our laboratory is tackling these problems by taking system engineering approaches and based on mathematical methods.
Affiliation Planning, Architecture and Environmental Systems
Faculty Name IWATA, Tomoko
Academic Society Japan Society of Energy and Resources
The Institute of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan
Keyword Low-carbon society, Energy control, Energy saving, System engineering, Smart grids, Simulations, ICT (information and communication technology), Regional communities

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For Society

We are studying viable energy systems by considering environmental, economic and societal aspects of energy issues through system engineering approaches. To translate the research results into practical use in society, we are conducting joint research with companies, local governments and public research institutes.

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