Laboratory of Planning for Urban and Regional Resilience

Making vibrant urban cities and regions that are resilient to disasters

Many cities not only in Japan but the rest of the world have the risk of building collapses, extended fire and tsunamis due to earthquakes. Yet more cities are hit by flooding due to large typhoons and torrential rains. At the Laboratory for Planning for Urban and Regional Resilience, we conduct research from many aspects, such as spatial planning, environmental designs and social frameworks, to make urban cities and regions highly resilient to disasters, while, at the same time, making them attractive and vibrant.
Affiliation Planning, Architecture and Environmental Systems
Faculty Name NAKAMURA, Hitoshi
Academic Society Association of Urban housing Sciences
Architectural Institute of Japan
Institute of Social Safety Science
The City Planning Institute of Japan
Japan Society of Civil Engineers
Keyword Disaster mitigation, Urban planning, Town development, Safety, peace of mind, Regional revitalization, Regional planning, Regional communities, Urban regeneration, Urban designs

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We reevaluate the anti-disaster performances of urban cities and regions against earthquakes, fire and flooding based on detailed surveying and analyses, and develop new planning and design methods using the charms and potential powers of regions for practical applications in society.

Research Themes