Housing/Design History Laboratory

Delving into the history and culture of housings from various angles

The instructor-in-charge of this laboratory specializes in the history of Great Britain’s housing and design cultures. But, our laboratory members conduct research various issues, such as those of urban cites, environment, designs, functions, identities, families, genders, life cycles, social classes, race, and ethnic groups of any nation at any period. We encourage students to pursue their original research by analyzing historical, published and visual materials and conduct on-the-spot investigations of housings and furniture.
Affiliation Planning, Architecture and Environmental Systems
Faculty Name SHINBO, Akiko
Academic Society Royal Historical Society: RHS
The Historical Society of Japan
The Japan Society of Design
Keyword Dwelling environments, Historical architectural buildings, History of designs

Study Fields

For Society

By learning history, students will be able to learn the significance of past architectures and urban cities as well as that of the nature being passed on to us. They can also look forward to the future by using the past as a reference. It will deepen their understanding about the world through an understanding of housing and design cultures.

Research Themes