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Analyzing stochastic phenomena with mathematics

We come across many stochastic phenomena in our daily lives. For example, we deal with probabilities when betting on lotteries. There is a tool called a stochastic process that handles stochastic phenomena that change as time passes. Banks and other financial institutions use the stochastic process to model stock prices and interest rates to evaluate financial products. Our laboratory uses a mathematical method called stochastic analysis with the aim of understanding the stochastic phenomena.
Affiliation Mathematical Sciences
Faculty Name NAKATSU, Tomonori
Academic Society The Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
The Mathematical Society of Japan              
Keyword Stochastic analysis, Mathematical finance

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The stochastic theory is an indispensable mathematical tool for financial institutions to evaluate channels of investment to make sound investment decisions. We aim to contribute to society by understanding and solving problems in the financial sector from an academic perspective.

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