Applied Mathematics Laboratory

Extracting the essence of phenomena and mathematically understanding it

Our laboratory expresses phenomena with equations and examines the characteristics of their solutions. In particular, we take up phenomena whose shape and condition change as time goes by, and express them with formula. To do these, we study physics or chemistry in addition to mathematics. To examine the characteristics of solutions of equations, we conduct research from various perspectives by learning necessary mathematical theories and computer simulation techniques.
Faculty of Engineering Mathematical Sciences
Faculty Name ISHIWATA, Tetsuya
Academic Society The Mathematical Society of Japan
The Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Keyword Nonlinear Differential equations, Numerical analyses, Computer simulations, Mathematical Models

Study Fields

For Society

Creating mathematical model equations and analyzing them will deepen the understanding about phenomena in an objective way and help in making predictions and developing various things. Knowledge about this domain will be necessary in broad areas.

Research Themes