Mathematical Physics Laboratory

 A beautiful collaboration between mathematics and physics

Our laboratory is conducting research, from a mathematical standpoint, on topics in quantum mechanics, which is a law of physics in the microscopic world. One of the topics of our research is quantum information geometry, a spatial geometry that deals with the state of a micrometer-level particle, which serves as a point (quantum state). It is also a field of mathematics related to quantum mechanics, differential geometry and various other fields. Another topic is quantum computer, which, if its aim is achieved, will result in a computer capable of making such enormous computations as are unimaginable with the existing computers.
Affiliation Mathematical Sciences
Faculty Name SUZUKI, Tatsuo
Academic Society The Mathematical Society of Japan
Keyword Mathematical science, Physics, Geometry

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Even at present, many products that make our daily lives more comfortable are products of microtechnology. Therefore, further research in the microscopic world is very important. Quantum computer technologies have the potential to bring even greater ease in our lives.

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