Functional Equations Laboratory

Discovering new functions in unsolvable equations

Various functions that the students learn up till the first year of universities, such as trigonometric functions and exponential functions, are called “elementary functions” and serve as the basis for formulating changes and shapes. But there are many phenomena such as large oscillations of a pendulum or the shape the moving rope takes when used in rope-skipping, which cannot be set to formulae without using “special functions.” Our laboratory aims to discover unique special functions and their applications by researching the mathematical structure and characteristics of certain relational expressions (functional equations, in particular differential equations).
Affiliation Mathematical Sciences
Faculty Name TAKEUCHI, Shingo
Academic Society The Mathematical Society of Japan
American Mathematical Society
Mathematics Education Society of Japan
Keyword Mathematical sciences, Analysis, Differential equations, Functional analysis

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Mathematics is the abstraction of common notions that appear in our daily life and the underlying sciences. If the knowledge of engineering can help students “acquire a trade,” that of sciences will help them “color the brain.” Among them, the graduates of the Department of Mathematical Sciences are expected to do well in broad job fields.

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