Mechano-Informatics Laboratory

From baby bottles to education for medical professionals using the XR, the research target is humans.

We have developed the world's first device for measuring the softness of breast-feeding women's nipples.
Patented for a new baby bottle nipple.
We are aiming for a baby bottle nipple that looks just like the real thing.
Furthermore, we are jointly researching methods of education and training for medical professionals such as residents and new nurses in clinical settings with the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Nursing.
The clinical site, which is difficult to experience in the real world, is reproduced in the virtual world using XR (VR / AR / MR) technology.
We are conducting research on elucidation of decision-making factors and construction of decision-making support systems by letting subjects (medical professionals) experience it and acquiring and analyzing various data.
Machinery and Control Systems
Faculty Name ADACHI, Yoshitaka
Academic Society Japanese Society for Medical Virtual Reality
The Virtual Reality Society of Japan
The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers
Keyword Mechatronics, Virtual reality, Robots, Computer simulations

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We conduct research on systems that can be useful to people, focusing on robotics and combining information-telecommunications technology and computer science.

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