Powerand Energy Systems Laboratory

Aiming to realize a revolutionary energy conversion

Electrical energy, which supports our daily lives, is equivalent to only 40 percent of the energy that oil, coal and natural gas originally have. The remaining 60 percent is wastefully disposed of during conversion processes. Do you know about his fact? Our laboratory is conducting basic research on new energy systems, centering on fuel cells and natural energy, to reduce such a wasteful use and make the use of energy more efficient.
Machinery and Control Systems
Faculty Name KIMIJIMA, Shinji
Academic Society The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers 
Keyword Energy conversion,Clean energy,Fuel cells,Cogeneration,Next-generation energy,Energy saving,New Energy,Bioenergy,Use of waste heat

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Everything from natural phenomena to industrial production is based on energy conversion. Acquiring basic knowledge from learning energy should help students in various occasions in adult society.

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