Industrial Designand Human-Centered Design

Design that connects people, machines and the environment

Designing industrial products is complicated because it inevitably involves mechanisms and software. What if you have to place many small buttons in a small space? If the buttons are too small you may not be able to push them or even find the right one. Our laboratory analyzes the relationships between humans and ever more complex industrial products, and uses the results to reconfigure these relations into systems for creating optimal designs.
Machinery and Control Systems
Faculty Name TANAKA, Minami
Academic Society Japanese Society for the Science of Design
Japan Society of Kansei Engineering
Keyword Product design,Human-friendly technology,Universal design,Human interface,Human-centric design,UCD (user-centric design)

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For Society

Our research has been useful in designing machines and interfaces, to consider ways to make it easer for humans to manipulate machines, and in studying the compatibility of machines with the human body, various lifestyles and the environment.

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