SocialInteraction Systems Laboratory

Analyzing society by mathematical models and surveys

In social science, there are theoretical and empirical fields. Our laboratory uses mathematical models such as “game theory” and “network science” for building up theories, and mainly statistical surveys for verification. We also place an importance on social science viewpoints in addition to the mathematical methods. Students decide their topic of research by considering interests and curiosity of their own. The laboratory is characterized by the use of twitters, cloud funding and big data, the atmosphere to give students take up wide-ranging subjects and personal relationships that allow an “exit selection.”
Machinery and Control Systems
Faculty Name MUTO, Masayoshi
Academic Society Japanese Association for Mathematical Sociology
International Society for the Systems Sciences
The Operations Research Society of Japan
Keyword Game theory, Network, Human interaction, Mathematical science

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For Society

Our graduates get job as public servants, engineers with knowledge on humanities and as clerks at manufacturers, allowing them to comprehensively use knowledge both of humanities and science to take active roles in society.

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