Terra-Mechatronics Researches

Building a mobile system that can operate on soft, uneven surfaces like the moon

We are trying to build a mobile robot system that can drive over unexplored and uneven ground like is found on the surface of the moon. The lunar surface is covered by regolith, which is an ultrafine layer of fragile sand. Specifically, we are developing special wheels that can travel over fragile sand and climb over rocks and stones, as well as robots with special mechanisms. Tangential to this research, we are also developing an airless tire for rescue vehicles that operate in disaster areas and for mobile agricultural systems.
Affiliation Machinery and Control Systems
Faculty Name IIZUKA, Koujiro
Academic Society The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
The Robotics Society of Japan
International Society for Terrain-Vehicle Systems   
Keyword Space robotics,Mobile mechanisms,Soft,uneven ground

Study Fields

・Mechanical engineering
・Space engineering
・Electronic engineering
・Sports and health science

For Society

Theoretical and experimental analyses of mobility on soft, uneven ground will help identify the characteristics of movements that can be applied in disaster areas, farms and snowy environments.

Research Themes