Environment and System Control Laboratory

Proposing “smart controls” for eco-friendly systems

Eco-friendly machines and energy-saving systems – such as machines driven by tap water, greenhouse heaters that emit less CO2, and power shovels that conserve fuel – cannot achieve their maximum potential unless wisely controlled. Our laboratory uses mathematics as a “weapon” to come up with ways of controlling these systems without burdening either workers or the Earth, and conducts experiments to verify our findings. We invite students to join our laboratory who want to graduate feeling that they fully enjoyed their efforts and studied to the best of their abilities.
Machinery and Control Systems
Faculty Name
ITO, Kazuhisa
Academic Society
The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers
The Japan Fluid Power System Society
Japanese Society of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Engineers and Scientists
Control systemsEnergy-saving systems,Farm assistance systems,Movement controlsMachine learning,Advanced controls

Study Fields

・Control engineering
・Mechanical engineering
・Energy engineering

For Society

We developed a system that will be ready for practical use in the near future. The system will allow farmers to control temperatures inside greenhouses using biomass through extremely simple operations. The system will help farmers increase fruit and vegetable yields (patent registered). This system will be available for practical use any time now.

Research Themes


・Proposals on new systems driven by water or air pressure that enable energy retrieval, as well as development of control methods for these systems
・Development of environmental controls for greenhouses
・Development of simulators and control methods for hybrid construction equipment