Digital Engineering Laboratory

Solving engineering problems by making full use of digital technologies

Why did such a thing happen? Or, what kind of mechanism should we have to better understand phenomenon and processes or to give excellent functions to materials? This laboratory is dedicated to solving diverse problems through the design, analysis and production of materials by fully using such computer technologies as CAD (computed aided design), CAE (computer aided engineering) and CAM (computer aided manufacturing), with the aim of developing sophisticated materials with unprecedented functions.
Affiliation Machinery and Control Systems
Faculty Name WATANABE, Dai
Academic Society The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Inc.
The Japan Society for Computational Engineering and Science
Keyword Medical engineering, CAD, Automobiles, Structural mechanics, Numerical analyses

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For Society

Analysis on a traffic accident and evaluation of damages to the human body at the time of the accident through simulations has been used for developing technologies to make automobiles safer.

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