Social Simulation Laboratory

Provide a prescription for social/business problems with simulation 

How can we solve the various problems that society and businesses are facing? One of the promising ways is to understand the mechanism (system) and design a better one. We study social simulation, which involves analyzing data, developing a model, and conducting virtual experiments with computer simulations.
Affiliation Electronic Information Systems
Faculty Name GOTO, Yusuke
Academic Society The Society of Instrument and Control Engineer, The Japan Society for Management Information, Japan Industrial Management Association
Keyword Simulation,Artificial Intelligence,Data Science,Analytics,Modeling

Study Fields

Systems Science, Social Science, Management Engineering, Management Information

For Society

Our research uses simulations to visualize and analyze possible future scenarios for societies and companies. Social simulation helps people make decisions based on a better understanding of complex problems.

Research Themes

1) Research on social system design in Society 5.0
2) Research on education about modeling and simulation
3) System practice for a sustainable society with data analysis and simulation