Systems Control Laboratory

Realizing high-performance controls

In the current sophisticated information-based society, the systems we have used earlier have become ever bigger and more complicated and fuses various sectors of sciences and engineering. Operating such systems efficiently requires higher levels of controlling technologies. Our laboratory conducts research on the high precision control of positioning devices dealing with nanometers measurements, realization of sophisticated artificial muscles and autonomous manipulation of drones. Moreover, we have conducted research on the intelligent control of humanoid robots while developing flexible sensors.
Electronic Information Systems    
Faculty Name    
CHEN, Xinkai 
 Academic Society    
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers        
Motion control, Control systems, Mechatronics

Study Fields

Control engineering
Electronic engineering
Information engineering

For Society

Our research will lead to the production of high-quality products by applying more sophisticated control of nano-positioners, which are widely used in the nanotechnology sector. Additionally, it can be applied to high precision control with multiple degrees of freedom.

Research Themes