Multimedia Information Network Laboratory

Let’s make information networks that will enrich the livelihood of people

Our laboratory has been conducting research and development on various communication technologies in order to realize a convenient, comfortable information network. Let’s research information network technologies that will enrich our lifestyles! They include community networks, which will automatically be formed around where one is staying, emergency networks, which are autonomously accessed, and internet of things (IoT), which connects things around us to the Internet.
Faculty of Engineering
Electronic Information Systems
Faculty Name
Takumi Miyoshi
Academic Society
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Japanese Society for Engineering Education      
Internet, Network, Multimedia, IoT (internet of things), Ubiquitous, Disaster resistant networks, Data analyses, Machine learning, Urban designs

Study Fields

Information science
Information engineering
Communication engineering

For Society

The results of our research are involved with the core of information communication networks, such as the internet. Most of the communications are not visible, but we are assisting in the comfortable communications of people from behind the scene.

Research Themes